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Course Tutor, Academic Coach, & Writing Consultant Qualifications and Responsibilities

These positions are for undergraduate students who have acquired specific knowledge and skills in writing, subject matter, and/or learning strategies and are able to communicate this knowledge and these strategies to peers in an effective, appealing manner.

  • Course Tutors, Academic Coaches & Writing Consultants must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and have obtained a minimum of an B in the classes they want to tutor.
    • Writing Consultants have proven competence in writing and grammar and display confidence, passion, and sensitivity for helping writers grow.
    • Course Tutors have taken and excelled in courses (or course equivalents) for which they are tutoring and have demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate what they have learned.
    • Academic Coaches have proven solid academic performance, effective learning strategies, knowledgeable responses to various learning styles, and a strong resolve to help others succeed.
    • Course Tutors, Academic Coaches, & Writing Consultants are required to attend scheduled training sessions. They are required to document tutoring activities and be in communication with course instructors and CAE staff regarding tutoring content.
    • ¬†Attention to detail and punctuality is of the utmost importance for those who work with us as tutors.