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Applying for Academic Accessibility

The transition to college life is an exciting time filled with many significant life changes. One of the key changes for students with disabilities is their new responsibility for requesting accommodations. It is each individual student’s decision whether or not he or she wants to inform the university of a disability; however, a student must identify himself or herself as having a disability if he or she wants the school to provide academic accommodations. A disclosure of a disability is voluntary.

If a student wants to receive academic adjustments, he or she makes the decision to request accommodations and fulfills the requirements related to receiving academic accommodations.

  1. A student self-identifies to Academic Accessibility that he or she (the student) has a disability.
  2. A student completes the Academic Accessibility Resources Intake Form.
  3. A student provides appropriate and adequate support and/or documentation needed to receive the requested academic accommodations.
  4. A student, once provided with the letter of academic accommodation, is responsible for requesting his or her desired and necessary accommodations from professors.

ONCE YOU have an Academic Accommodation letter:

  1. Your academic accommodation letter will be sent to you electronically to share with the faculty/staff that you choose.
  2. You are responsible for talking with your professors about when you need to use your academic accommodations within a reasonable time frame.
  3. You must request an academic accommodation letter at the start of each academic year that you want to receive academic accommodations.  Note taking, alternative textbook and absence request forms must be requested each semester due to the change in class schedule.  It is student’s responsibility to request the necessary forms by year and by semester.

Please contact the Academic Accessibility (  or staff member if you have questions about specific accommodations or requests.