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Learn to communicate, collaborate and innovate across a range of interpersonal and professional contexts.

student using a video camera at the Olympic Games
Comm Major Madison Farr at the Rio Summer Olympics.

Every job you will ever have will depend on your communication skills. According to Forbes, the top skills a graduate needs are communication, leadership and collaboration. You need more than college — you also need internships, networking, and contacts. Asbury University’s Communication major gives you all these things.  It gives you what you need to be successful — to make a difference in the world.

Last year, Comm Majors went to Haiti to create a Branding/PR campaign for Ikondo — a job creation program that keeps Haitian families together. We took students to Silicon Valley to visit with experts at Facebook, Twitter, Google and Patreon. We have a student-run PR Agency doing pro bono work for local charities and business start-ups.

student holding a young child
Media Comm major Betsy Oda with her new best friend in Haiti

We have a student chapter of the Public Relations Society of America on campus — a truly elite status providing access to gold-star internship opportunities. 

Our focus is community building, collaboration and good communication. All of us serving the Lord to make the world a better place. Come be a part of the wonderful (and fun) student community that is the Communication Major at Asbury. Oh, and by the way — we’ll give you the skills and hands-on experience to land a job after you graduate!