MBA with Courses in Equine Management – Asbury University
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MBA with Courses in Equine Management

Summer 2022 Application deadline:
Total Credits: 36 Credit Hours
Next Term Begins on May 16, 2022

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“In the equine industry you need to understand all aspects of business. I would definitely recommend Asbury’s MBA program because of the unique aspects… [that] allow me to enter the equine industry.” Paige – MBA ’17

As one of the leading business sectors in Kentucky, Asbury University recognizes the importance of preparing future innovators for this essential industry. The MBA with courses in Equine Management is a unique collaboration between the Dayton School of Business and Asbury’s Equine Studies program to equip leaders in the equine industry.

The unique location of the program allows for limitless opportunities for students to excel in their equine related education at Asbury, and to gain practical experience with many local farms and businesses through projects and internships. The Asbury University Equine Program encourages students to become Christ-centered leaders in the equine industry.

student patting a horse on its neck

Learn core business principles and equine specific managerial strategies from industry leaders. In addition to traditional MBA courses such as leadership, accounting, analytics and financial management, the equine courses provide educational experiences specific to the equine industry such as Equine Management, Equine Sales/Marketing and Equine Legal Issues/Risk Management. All students take courses in innovation and a capstone course to integrate the course material and develop practical business plans and projects, so that students are prepared to influence the industry immediately.