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Health Services Recommended Items

Is Your Student Prepared for University Life?

The Asbury University Health Services Clinic is available to all full-time students (carrying at least 9 credit hours) to assess and treat illnesses and injuries. Although we’re able to treat your student during times of physical or emotional distress, sometimes it’s comforting to use the same things that “work at home”. It’s also helpful to have something on hand when the Health Service Clinic is closed. So please consider packing the following items:

  • Thermometer – digital oral thermometers are widely available, inexpensive, and accurate.
  • Small Flashlight – to look at their throat
  • Humidifier – The rooms get very dry in the winter
  • Over-the-counter medicines
    • Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer like Tylenol or Advil
    • Cold Medicine for relief of symptoms – decongestant, antihistamine, cough syrup, etc. Kentucky is infamous for aggravating existing allergy problems!
    • Stomach medicines like Pepto-Bismol or Antacids
    • Antibiotic ointment and several sizes of Band-Aids
  • Prescription Medications – Bring enough to last until the next time your student is home, or transfer the refills to a pharmacy near campus.
  • Insurance Card – Although appointments at the Health Services Clinic are free for students, all students must also have some form of private insurance for any services, tests, or specialist appointments not available at the Health Services Clinic. If their insurance plan offers limited benefits outside their network area you are encouraged to consider purchasing the group plan endorsed by the University.
  • Medical Records – If your student has a chronic condition, please send at least a summary of their medical records so we can better care for their needs while on campus.

Please feel free to contact the Health Services Clinic with questions!
(859) 858-3511, x2277