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Practicum Program Requirements

Graduate students interested in this practicum should have completed (or will have completed) coursework in counseling skills, models of psychotherapy, psychopathology, ethics, and assessment by the start of the practicum. At times, practicum counselors make arrangements to complete their assessment course while doing their practicum.

Here are the recommended courses according to program of study:

  • Asbury Theological Seminary Students:
    CO601, CO655, CO610, CO622, CO715, CO720
    CO660 and CO680 are not mandatory, but beneficial
  • University of Kentucky Counseling Psychology Students:
    EDP605, EDP606, EDP630, EDP650, EDP652
  • University of Kentucky Clinical Psychology Students:
    PSY603, PSY610, PSY629, PSY636, PSY710

In addition, practicum counselors must be available for ten hours per week over two consecutive semesters (fall and spring OR spring and fall) and must abide by Asbury University’s calendar year and holiday schedule. It is expected that practicum counselors will maintain regular weekly hours which could include early morning and/or late afternoon hours.

A mandatory orientation will be held the week prior to the start of the practicum program. Hours are typically 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. each day prior to the start of the first semester of the practicum program.

Practicum counselors must uphold the legal and ethical standards of confidentiality and are not permitted to provide services to personal friends or family.

Asbury University is a Christian liberal arts undergraduate institution. Practicum counselors are expected to express a Christian faith and agree to uphold the ethos of the university.