Weekly Devotionals

This Week's Devotion:

Since our Cornerstone Project reflects four core elements of vital Christian faith, we have collected a year’s worth of weekly devotionals to share with you. We invite students who are traditional undergraduates, Adult & Professional Studies, Masters Degree, or Online to “click-on” to these weekly devotionals. We also invite our alumni and friends of the university to take part in this year of Cornerstone Devotionals.

Every Monday you will find a new devotional on our website. We have collected these from more than a dozen of our faculty, staff and administration. Each devotional thought will be rooted in one of the four Cornerstones: Scripture, Holiness, Stewardship or Mission.

Scripture is primary, and we come to know God most clearly as He has revealed Himself to us through the Old & New Testaments. Holiness of heart and life is integral to the great heritage of faith in the Wesleyan stream of Christianity. Stewardship is choosing to care for all that God has given us, including natural resources, financial resources, time, and the talents we’ve been given. Mission can be described as the practice of our faith, living out all Jesus has commanded us, which means it is our ‘orthopraxis.’ As ambassadors of Christ we are invited into the ‘missio dei’ – the mission of God.

As you join us in listening to these great themes of the faith throughout the Bible, we pray that these devotionals encourage you in your pursuit of holiness and commitment to following Christ.