Board Plan Requirement and Options

As a part of the residential program, all resident students are required to participate in a meal plan offered by the University. The purpose of the meal plan is to provide a balanced and sound nutritional diet in conjunction with a time of communal gathering. All resident students will participate in either the 20 or 14-meal per week plan or the 225 or 175 block plan except the following, who are eligible to apply for the 7-meal per week or 95 block plan:

  • Students who eat with parents, close relatives or a legal guardian.
  • Students whose meals are provided as a part of their work agreement.
  • Students who are student teaching.
  • Students whose work and class schedule conflict with the meal schedule.
  • Students who have medical concerns certified by the University physician. (Some students in this category may be eligible for exemption from both meal plans.)
  • Students who live in Aldersgate Commons. (Must participate in either the 7, 14 or 20-meal per week plan or the 225, 175 or 95 block plan.)

Students wishing to be considered for exemption from the meal plan must submit an application to the Assistant Vice President for Business Affairs for consideration. All applications must be received at least one week prior to the beginning of the academic term in order to avoid a late filing fee of $10. Students filing after the deadline will be charged for the meal plan until the application is processed. Applications will be accepted only through the drop/add period. Application forms are available in the offices of Student Development and Student Accounts. A dependent student must submit a letter of support from his/her parents with his/her application.

A student whose request is denied may appeal the decision to the Room/Board Appeals Committee to determine if extenuating circumstances warrant an exception to the guidelines. The letter of appeal should be sent to the chair of the Appeals Committee.