Handbook for Community Life

Letter from VP for Student Development

Dear Asbury Students,

I am so glad that you are at Asbury! I love new beginnings, with the hope and excitement that come from having a new start. I look forward to experiencing life together. Honestly, I have a little bit of fear not knowing all that will come with this year, but I am confidently looking forward to when we will experience graduation together. We will all share a lot of good times, but we also know that this journey won't be easy. How else will you truly be prepared to be excellent in your career and a spiritually vibrant ambassador for Jesus Christ unless you are encouraged and pushed to be all that God has created you to be? 

So let me share what I hope for you. First, I hope that you will experience the gift of friendships that last for eternity. It is worth more than millions of dollars when you have a few people who know everything about you and still walk with you in the pain and pleasures of life. Asbury is a place where you can find those friends who share a unity that goes far beyond the simplicity of liking the same music, sports, and movies. So take some risk and share who you are with others, give sacrificially of yourself, and see how you can serve.

Second, I hope that you will know the richness of having a mentor you can trust. Asbury has an incredible faculty and staff who are committing their lives to investing in you. They want what is best for you. They want you to understand fully who God has created you to be and what He is calling you to do. With all of their life and energy, they hope to lovingly prepare you to be excellent in your family, at your work, in your neighborhood, and in your church. This will take a huge amount of work, but the payoff will be sweet. Look for those people who will pour into your life. Don’t hesitate to ask them to help you and disciple you.

Finally, I hope that you will experience the freedom that comes from drawing near to God. It is a joy to be His child, and the Holy Spirit that He has given us is powerful. That same power raised Jesus from the dead. Now that is Awesome! As you know Him and live daily out of the overflow of the Holy Spirit, you can be real with others and take risks. It's OK to fail at Asbury. Knowing God more will also move you to looking for ways that you can get outside the Asbury community to share your life and gifts with others in service and ministry. I encourage you to find one ministry or person to which you can give sacrificially.

This Handbook for Community Life is a guide for us to enter into and contribute to life at Asbury. Enjoy being at Asbury. Embrace the unique qualities of this beautiful learning community. Ask great questions. Explore all that God has for you. We are committed to your growth intellectually, spiritually, physically, socially, and emotionally.  

I will be real honest with you. The life we are equipping you for is not easy. But it can be lived abundantly. So let us commit and submit ourselves to a rigorous time of preparation. It will require great sacrifice. But it will be worth it! Let me know how I can serve you. Enjoy the great people and this wonderful place we call Asbury University. 

May we be found worthy by the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ when we leave Asbury University or when Jesus Christ returns.

Your friend,

Doug Wilcoxson, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Development