We offer both individual and group tutoring for specific classes in addition to offering academic coaching for individuals looking for help with learning strategies and academic accountability.


Do you need a tutor for a specific class?

Tutors assist students with specific classes for as long as students feel they need extra support. The ultimate goal of both the student and the tutor is to get the student to a point where tutoring is no longer necessary because the student has mastered the material.  Tutoring may last anywhere from a few weeks to meeting for the duration of the semester.  Meetings are usually held once per week for one hour or twice a week for 30 minutes. Additional time each week can be requested by the student but is not guaranteed. Once a student has been assigned a tutor, the student and tutor find a time that is equally convenient to meet and will only change the time if the situation involves an important schedule change, illness, or an emergency.  If we do not have a tutor available for a specific class that is requested, we will do our best to see if another tutor can still assist you if they have knowledge within the same field but perhaps have just not taken that specific class.

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Do you need an Academic Coach?

Academic Coaches are available for students who are not looking for tutoring for specific coursework but rather for assistance with study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, and other general academic skills. Meetings are usually held twice a week for 30 minutes but may be reduced to once per week as the semester progresses if the student feels that meeting once per week is adequate.

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Policies and Procedures

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