Welcome Week 2016

Asbury University Students getting ready for a new year Asbury University Student resting New Asbury University Student excited to start a new year

During Welcome Week you will have the opportunity to get settled in your dorm, meet other people in your class through your Transition and Guidance group (T.A.G.), take a campus tour, visit offices to settle accounts, enjoy some community worship on the green, and participate in fun activities with your peers.

All new first-time students and transfers with less than 30 credit hours who are enrolling full-time in the traditional undergraduate program are expected to attend Welcome Week so you will be equipped to make a successful transition from high school to collegiate life at Asbury.   

While here, you will be introduced to Asbury's liberal arts education. A liberal arts education goes beyond making a person "well-rounded;" it provides students with new ways of thinking and experiencing the world, and equips them to become not consumers, but culture-shapers. The Liberal Arts Seminar is the first stop for new freshmen students in this educational journey. During Welcome Week, freshmen will attend a few large group sessions followed by smaller group sessions with a faculty member and their TAG group (for more on TAG groups check out the link on the left). We hope these sessions make students equipped and excited for a sucessful college career.

Fall 2016 Welcome Week will occur from Tuesday, August 9-Sunday, August 14. Click here to see a current draft of the schedule.

During Welcome Week all new students will be taking the Language Proficiency Exam. If you would like to read more information about this exam, click here to read more about what it involves and the credits it may offer you.

For additional information or questions, e-mail Heather Tyner, Assistant Director for Student Leadership Development, or call 859-858-3511, x2127.



Resources and Information for New Student Orientation