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Application Process for Asbury Initiative Grants

Students must first apply to the sponsoring organization of their planned service internship. This process needs to start early since these programs can fill up and usually have long lead times or an extensive application process.

*Special Note: The Asbury Initiative grants cannot be used to perform internships in countries where the United States does not have a favorable relationship or where travel by U.S. citizens is not advised. Applicants and recipients affected by travel warnings or restricted travel should contact Esther Jadhav in the office of Student Development. See the U.S. State Department website for current information:

Once a student is accepted into an internship which meets the selection criteria, applicants should submit a proposal that follows these guidelines:

1. Cover sheet, including:

  • Student’s name, major, academic classification
  • Name of the internship organization to which student is applying
  • Name of the country where the internship will take place
  • Paragraph (no more than 100 words) describing the internship
  • Name of a faculty recommender

2. A brief statement exploring personal qualifications for undertaking this work and the relationship of the internship to future goals. Include a description of previous experience abroad (if any)

3. A brief statement describing how the internship proposal will benefit the mission of the sponsoring organization

4. A list of goals and the specific tasks student plans to employ to accomplish the goals

5. A detailed budget proposal, using the Budget Worksheet

6. A letter of support from the sponsoring organization

7. A letter of recommendation from a faculty member supporting the specific initiative

Application Deadline: February 1, 2017