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Asbury University Initiative for Servant Leadership Internships in International Development

Since 2004 the Asbury Initiative grant has awarded 165 grants to 163 students who have served in 56 countries. The Asbury Initiative Grant is intended to encourage internships for Asbury University juniors, seniors, and graduating seniors to perform volunteer service in the areas of international community, social and economic development, public wellness and treatment, literacy and education, and other public services in developing countries. The internship enables eligible Asbury University students to have valuable experiences outside the classroom, which may motivate them to consider careers in international service. Students may participate in internships with religious, secular, or governmental organizations. The grants will cover up to $10,000 for expenses related to transportation to/from the site, lodging, meals, miscellaneous expenses related to the internship, and a stipend to partially cover lost wages. The application process and checklist can be found, here.

Asbury University gratefully acknowledges the establishment of the Asbury University Initiative, which was established in 2003 with a pledge of $1 million from Phyllis McRoberts ‘53 West and her husband, Stephen R. West, in honor of the life and ministry of Ernest M. Steury, M.D. ’53 and Mrs. Jennie Sue Groce ’54 Steury who served as missionaries in Kenya with World Gospel Mission. In addition to the Wests’ gift, the Asbury Initiative may receive other gifts in the future from donors who want to further its purpose.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  February 9, 2018.

For more information and questions, please contact:

Rev. Esther Jadhav 
Associate Dean for Intercultural Affairs
(859) 858-3511 x2314

*Special Note: The Asbury Initiative grants cannot be used to perform internships in countries where the United States does not have a favorable relationship or where travel by U.S. citizens is not advised. Applicants and recipients affected by travel warnings or restricted travel should contact Esther Jadhav in the office of Student Development. See the U.S. State Department website for current information: