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Summit Ministries

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In an age when most young adults aimlessly absorb the culture and struggle to find direction, Summit Ministries is turning the tide by equipping students to fearlessly stand for truth. Students who attend this Summit conference will learn and engage with today’s top worldview thinkers and apologists as they dive into topics of navigating faith and culture in the marketplace.

SummitCamp is open to students ages 15-19.

Take a minute to listen to Asbury University President, Dr. Kevin Brown talk about Summit and why you should attend.


What You Can Expect

  • Learn about a Christian worldview and how that compares to other worldviews
  • Lunch & open forum with faculty members
  • Small group discussions and debrief
  • Learn about a variety of topics focused around Faith in the Marketplace
  • Engaging activities throughout the week

Summit Camp Schedule (PDF)

Residential Program Dates

Monday, June 14 – Friday, June 18, 2021

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The camp is $450. Use your promo code for $50 off.

Incoming Asbury students in 2022 who are Summit alumni can apply to receive a $10K scholarship to Asbury. Click here for more details.


Dr. Jeff Myers
President, Summit Ministries


John Stonestreet
President, Colson Center for Christian Worldview


Michael Sherrard
Pastor and author


Derek McCoy
Urban Leadership Alliance


Scott Klusendorf
President, Life Training Institute


Dr. Kevin J. Brown
President, Asbury University


Henry Kaestner
Co-Founder and Podcast Host, Faith Driven Entrepreneur
Co-Founder and Partner at Sovereign’s Capital


Anthony Flynn
CEO, WorkFaith Connection
Founder and CEO, Amazing CEO


Andy Crouch
Partner of Theology & Culture, Praxis