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Theatre & Film Acting

Learn truthful acting for camera and stage!

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Learn how to act for camera and stage. Our focus will be on the fundamentals of good acting: Playing an objective, sense memory, character development, text work, movement, substitutions, and scene work. Our other focus will be on having fun and developing good community.



Camp Dates:

Monday – Friday, June 4 – 8, 2018
Click here for the daily schedule.


The camp is $390 per person, and includes food, lodging, and all expenses.  

What You Can Expect:

  • Experience beginning acting training that focuses on truthful acting for stage and camera.
  • Discover the differences between acting on stage and acting for the camera.
  • Learn how to work collaboratively with other actors while applying instruction toward a show case for the end of the week.
  • Receive individual coaching and feedback from camera work to theatre scene work.

About Your Instructor:

Jim Shores

Dr. Jim Shores' calling is to mentor and teach young adults. His research is in entertainment-education and environmental communication. He and his wife, Carol Anderson, run Acts of Renewal, a professional Christian touring company. For over 20 years they have created original theatre and film for universities, seminars, and churches, writing material for FamilyLife, Focus on the Family, J.I. Packer, Alex Kendrick, repeat performers for over 60 universities in the CCCU, and many more. Jim is an alumnus of the Act One Screenwriter's Program in Los Angeles. His comedy on body image, The Halo Effect, won Best Original Screenplay at the Gideon Media Arts Conference. He co-wrote a TV pilot for the series Nazareth that was filmed at Asbury and directed by Anson Williams. Dr. Shores hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, loves hiking & travel, and the best thing he has ever produced are his two boys Zack & Zander now in college.

M.S. in Environmental Science, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Ph.D. in Communication Studies, Regent University

Carol Anderson

Carol Anderson is an instructor at Asbury University where she's taught Acting, Media Performance, cast Asbury's 2016 film project, TV pilot "Nazareth"and directed shows. She taught acting at UNC Chapel Hill, Montreat College and acting workshops at a number of colleges and universities. As a professional actor, her one woman show on eating disorders has been aired on PBS and she's toured nationally as part of the faith based theatre company Acts of Renewal speaking and performing at colleges, universities and national conferences. Her gift for working with young actors has provided significant growth and encouragement for generations of high school students.