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Air Asbury

Learn how Asbury can cover the cost of a prospective student's airline ticket to visit Asbury.

What is AIR ASBURY? AIR ASBURY is a unique opportunity for students to visit Asbury and have the cost of their airline ticket paid.

Who is eligible? The Air Asbury program is available for any student who lives more than 300 miles from campus.

How does the program work? The student must purchase his/her airline ticket up front. Upon deciding to attend Asbury, the price of the student’s airline ticket (up to $1,000) will be credited to their first semester’s tuition payment.

Visiting campus is the best way to see if Asbury University is the right place for you. The campus visit is so important and we want everyone to have an opportunity to experience Asbury first hand. So don’t miss out on this great opportunity. Fly into the Lexington Blue Grass Airport and we will be happy to come pick you up!

If you have any questions about AIR ASBURY, please feel free to contact your counselor or email us at

*Please make sure to provide us with a copy of your travel itinerary when you visit.