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Church Match and Outside Scholarships

Church Match Program

The Church Match program was established to encourage churches to support their students with gift aid.

How does the program work? If a church or other religious organization makes a financial contribution to your education, Asbury will match that contribution dollar for dollar up to $1000 each academic year. Only funds submitted directly to Asbury’s Financial Aid Office for processing are eligible to receive the matching grant.

Who is eligible for this program? This offer is open to every full-time, traditional undergraduate student.

Is there a deadline to participate in this program? In order to be eligible for this grant, the completed Church Match application and funds from your church must be received by the Financial Aid Office no later the first day of classes in the Fall. The deadline for application and funds for Spring start students is no later than the first day of classes beginning in January. Funds received after the deadline and/or direct deposited to the student will be applied to the student’s account, but will not be matched by the University.

For more information about this program, please view the Church Match Application below:

Church Match Application

Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships are a great way to help cover the cost of your education at Asbury University. Please have outside scholarships sent to the Financial Aid Office for processing. If you receive the scholarship, please endorse the check (if made out to you) and forward to the Financial Aid Office. Scholarships will be split evenly between Fall and Spring semesters, unless otherwise designated by the donor.