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Welcome to Asbury University and the Online Social Work Program!  This page is specifically designed for the Online-Only Asbury University Adult Professional Studies Social Work Program.

Once you have been accepted into the University APS program, you may declare social work as your major and take the beginning two social work classes (100, 211) along with foundations courses. A general course sequence is available at the bottom of this page. Formally applying to the Social Work Program happens with the Department of Social Work after accumulating 60 credit hours, beginning the SWA 252 class, and meeting cumulative GPA criteria of 2.5.  The application will be emailed to you at that time, but it is also available for download. You will need to Formally Apply to the Program two (2) semesters before you wish to begin your first field placement. The semester after acceptance, the Field Director (Prof Sarah Bellew, will work with you in the process of finding, choosing, and applying to your field placement agency site. This process is called Field Prep.

Please keep in mind that to apply to the program, you must pass your beginning social work classes – SWA 100, 211, 251, and 252 – with a C- or above.

After being formally accepted into the program, the next step in addition to your Upper Level Coursework, is a Field Education Practicum (“Practicum”).  A Practicum placement is an agency placement where you learn more about social work practice and gain experience in an agency setting. Two 16-week Practicums (SWA 340, SWA 440) are required for graduation. 

For your first practicum (SWA 340) you will need to be at your agency 2 days a week (200 hours total), and for your final practicum (SWA 440) you will need to be at your agency 3 days a week (320 hours total). You must complete all agency hours to graduate.  The Department of Social Work strongly advises against working full-time during your two Practicum semesters.   Here is an Information sheet on Applying and Practicum.  There is additional information in the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Please note that to graduate, in addition to all Asbury University requirements, all required Social Work Classes (with SWA prefix) must be passed with a C- or above and maintain a GPA of 2.5.

If you have any questions about the program, coursework, or graduation requirements, please feel free to contact the Department of Social Work.

If you have questions about applying to Asbury University, please check out the APS Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

▾ Where can I find descriptions of the classes?

View the class descriptions. Note that the classes offered through APS are the same classes offered in the traditional undergraduate program.  The only difference is the delivery method: Online.

▾ When are the classes offered?

All SWA classes are offered once each semester, in either the first or second 8-week session.  The only exceptions are these:

  • PSY 315 - Only offered in Spring OL session (summer session)
  • SWA 331 - Only offered in Fall OL session
  • SWA 393 (Psychopathology Elective) - Only offered in Fall Semester (OF)
  • SWA 311 (Children & Family Elective) - Only offered in Spring Semester (OL - summer session)
  • SWA 340 & 440 (Practicum I and II) - These are offered for 16 weeks each semester and must be taken separate semesters

▾ When are the deadlines for Applying to the Program?

You may apply to the program any time after beginning SWA 252, accumulating 60 credit hours, and all other conditions are met.  Additional information can be found in the Program Handbook.  For Fall 2020, see general dates the applications are due on this schedule. Dates will be announced no later than October 19, 2020.

▾ When should I do my Field Education Practicum?

The best plan for Field Education timing is two consecutive semesters, usually Fall, then Spring, in your final year of the program.  However, if this plan does not fit well with your life circumstances or academic plan, you may discuss an alternative plan with your advisor.

▾ How do I find an agency to do my Field Education Practicum?

Our Field Director will work with you as you search for a location to do your Practicum.  There are suggestions on where to begin looking on our Field Placement Page.

▾ Who are the Faculty who teach in the APS program?

You can find information about our Social Work faculty.  Each of or Social Work Faculty has advanced degrees in Social Work, and have taught many of the courses in our Traditional Undergraduate Program as well as APS.  Please feel free to reach out to any of us if you have any questions or concerns! We look forward to building relationships with you.  Non-Social Work classes are taught by faculty all over campus.

▾ How long will it take me to graduate?

Asbury's Registrar will set an expected graduation date when you first begin APS classes.  In general, if you transfer into the APS program with 60 credits or more, or with an Associates Degree, the sequence of Social Work classes takes 4 full-time semesters (2 full-time years).  If you have less than 60 credits when you begin, the credits you transfer don't cover the Foundation courses required by Asbury, or if you are taking classes part-time, that will extend out your graduation date.

General Sequence of Social Work Program

  • SWA 100 – Introduction to Social Work
  • SWA 251 – HBSE I (Human Behavior in Social Environment I)
  • SWA 211 – Encountering Poverty
  • SWA 252 – HBSE II (Human Behavior in Social Environment II)
  • Formally Apply to the Social Work Program: You will receive an email with an application, instructions, and information on applying to the Program and Field Education.
  • Field Preparation Module: This process will take a full semester.  Work with the Field Education Director to search for, apply to, interview at, and accept a Field Placement within a Social Service agency.
  • SWA 302 – Social Work Ethics & Contemporary Practice
  • PSY 315 – Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
  • SWA 310 – SW Practice – Individuals
  • SWA 390 – SW Practice – Groups
  • SWA 331 – Research Methods
  • SWA 402 – Policy
  • SWA 410 – SW Practice – Communities
  • SWA 475 – Senior Seminar
  • Field Education Practicums: Two 16-week field education placements are required. These can be completed alongside other coursework, or on their own.
    *The Department of Social Work strongly advises against working full-time during Practicum semesters*
  • SWA 340 (requires 200 agency hours)
  • SWA 440 (requires 320 agency hours)


Contact if you have any questions.