Social Work Confirmation Requirements – Asbury University
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Social Work Confirmation Requirements

To major in social work at Asbury University, all students must be confirmed to the social work program. This requirement exists because social workers must possess the intellectual, emotional, and social abilities to succeed in social work. These abilities are necessary to help individuals, families, groups, organizations, or communities solve difficult issues. Although all social workers may not eventually attend graduate school, most will. These skills and abilities are necessary for success in graduate school. For these reasons, admission to the social work program requires the following:

  • A record of proven academic achievement with a GPA of at least 2.50
  • Demonstrated moral, ethical, and social behavior that meets Asbury University standards. We will ask for a recommendation from the Office of Student Life
  • Three persons familiar with the applicant are needed as references to substantiate social and emotional maturity
  • A recommendation from a non-social work faculty member serves as a reference to verify the applicant’s study habits, contributions to classes, and fit within the Asbury University community
  • An interview allows the social work faculty to evaluate students according to these criteria and approve students for admission to the social work program.
  • View the application for confirmation to the social work program.