Theatre Frequently Asked Questions – Asbury University
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Will I get to perform/crew in a show if I’m a freshman?

Unlike many university programs, freshmen are often cast in the mainstage shows, and there are plenty of crewing positions available – even in your first year! There is no delineation of their year as directors look for the right people for the right roles. There are also student directed shows that open up more performance opportunities.

Can I get to be in a film as a freshman?

Yes! There are over 60 student films made each year. There are plenty of opportunities to meet the directors and producers who are making films. Audition announcements will be on the callboard.

I’ve always wanted to direct a show. Can I do that?

Yes! Take the Fundamentals of Directing class and then students are welcome to present a proposal for a student directed show. This can be done for credit as a directed study or independent study.

Can I take Screenwriting courses as well?

Absolutely. It’s a course option, though not a requirement.