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Communication & Theatre Department

Communication Majors work with local villagers in Grand Goave, Haiti

The Communication degree focuses on understanding the many ways people collect, interpret, encode and disseminate information through language and other symbolic systems. It is a growing field that allows you to “major” in flexibility, as communication is the number one skill sought in job interviews and is vital for just about every human interaction. On the most practical level, every organization, from business to nonprofit, must communicate effectively in multiple forms to thrive in today’s culture, making communication careers a part of virtually every segment of the marketplace. Our vision is to empower students with skills that will benefit their personal and professional lives, as well as equip them for excellent service in God’s Kingdom. Rooted in the ancient traditions of oratory and rhetoric, communication today includes the study of leadership, social media, public relations, and intercultural interactions.

Opening night of King Lear at the Globe in London.
Bryce Hockema, Dr. Jim Shores, Chandler Vance, James Southworth

The Theatre program provides training for the well-rounded theatre artist – and that could be you! Acting, technical skills, design, and management: your work at Asbury will combine practical knowledge, academic depth and a natural integration of faith into your craft. Theatre is a living artform; starting your first year, you can be a creative partner in our stage, film and TV projects. Other opportunities include studying at The Globe Theatre in London, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and internships at theatres across the country.

Asbury ESPN Producer Collaborates with Composer John Williams for CFP National Championship Open

Mar 17, 2023 — As Managing Producer for ESPN’s Creative Content Unit, Amanda Paschal ’12 coordinated the shoot production for the CFP National Championship Open (in January) which included a piece (“Of Grit and Glory”) by composer John Williams (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones).

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Asbury Scholar Publishes Article on Digital Church Pandemic Practices

Mar 2, 2023 — Professor Todd Wold recently published an article about digital church pandemic practices in the Journal of Religion, Media and Digital Culture.

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Asbury Feature Film Broadcasts Across the Middle East and Beyond

Oct 27, 2022 — Damaged Goods, a feature film produced by the award-winning Asbury University Media, Journalism, and Digital Storytelling department that premiered in Lexington last fall at the Lyric Theatre, will be broadcast across the Middle East and beyond beginning this week.

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Asbury Appoints New Faculty Members for the School Year

Sep 16, 2022 — Pulling from a range of distinguished academic careers, Asbury University welcomes 11 new faculty members to start the 2022-23 academic year who will further propel the university forward with academic excellence.

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