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Theatre Info for Parents

Helping your child look for the right kind of school is not easy. So what’s different about Asbury?

Many large schools offer a good program to help develop a student’s theatre process. What’s great about Asbury is that in addition to good training by professionals working in the industry, students are also learning how to broaden their own marketability for theatre and more. Students focusing on acting take Acting for Camera and then apply what they learn by acting in student films or auditioning for professional productions that are being filmed here on our sound stages. Students can create a reel of their best work in student films before they graduate. Designers or those focusing on production skills have opportunities to apply what they are learning for theatre productions and learn to adapt those skills for film projects as well.

As a student in the Theatre Program, classes are kept small allowing personalized attention to each student’s artistic growth. This attention also carries into their work in theatre productions. The director and tech director of the show encourage growth while working with each student right where they are at. They help them discover and apply new parts of the acting or production process. It’s exciting to see how much one student will suddenly grow during the process of being involved in an Asbury production.

As a Christian liberal arts university, the Asbury Theatre faculty are here to teach, but are also helpful and encouraging of students in their life journey. You’re not a number here, but part of a supportive community.

But can they get a decent job when they graduate?

Yes, they can. There are several ways students are guided from developing resumes, portfolios to understanding the business of getting a job and being guided towards vetted internships that can lead to employment. The +Grad Program is also a great way to further employment opportunities.

What is the +Grad Program, and what can that offer a Theatre Student?

As an undergrad, when you combine Theatre with Communication you are in a great position to both do what you love and develop additional skills to broaden employment opportunities (a high percentage of Asbury Communication students have a job offer before graduation). Students can major or minor in Theatre and combine that with a major or minor in Communication or Business. They could earn an M.A. in Communication with just one more year of study. Click here to find out more about the +Grad Program in Communication.

What qualities does studying Theatre provide to make your student stand out?

Theatre majors and minors think outside the box, become creative problem-solvers, know how to work as a team, and are comfortable with being pro-active and serving others. They are the creatives in the room and employers gravitate to their ease with communication and understanding of process in a project from start to finish. They excel in the interviewing process knowing how to be themselves while applying acquired skills to engage and listen. In a world where technology has caused young adults to struggle with interpersonal communication, those who study Theatre stand out.

Would you like to come for a tour?

Contact us or call (859) 858-5142 or toll-free (800) 888-1818. We’d love to see you!