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Students who have an acting emphasis are given the opportunity to act in front of the camera as well as on stage. Students not only learn about acting but also learn the fundamentals in screenwriting, directing, and producing. One of the main things that this program strives for is that students have opportunities to gain experience and confidence in the industry.

Theatre Major Sheet

Theatre Minor Sheet

Courses offered:

  • COM 221 Narrat / Ideolog Hollywood
  • MC 371 Media Ministries
  • THA 272 Acting for the Camera
  • THA 282 Screenwriting Fundamentals
  • ENG 351 Creative Writing – Fiction
  • ENG 410 Shakespeare
  • MC 261 Multi-Camera TV Production
  • MC 362 Digital Field/Post-Production
  • THA 285 New Works Seminar
  • THA 391 Directed Study
  • THA 393 Seminar

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