We are offering a variety of stimulating professional development and non-credit courses designed to provide intellectual, cultural, personal enrichment and professional development for learners of all ages. Click Non-Credit Courses below to view some of our offerings.

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Degree Completion For Credit

The Online Degree Completion program is an accelerated online program designed to provide adult students with an opportunity to finish a college degree in the areas of business, education or ministry. In this accelerated format, students complete an entire online program in collaborative learning environments using engaging learning technologies. The Online Degree Completion program is designed to bring a new level of professional skills, leadership, and ethical values to those desiring to make a difference in their work, church, and world. Contact the Adult Professional Studies office today about our Online Degree Completion program and let us help you reach your educational and professional goals.

You can reach us by calling 1 (859) 858-2804 or by filling out the Request for Information Form.