Academic Excellence and Spiritual Vitality in a Virtual Environment

Asbury University extends its tradition for rigor, ethics, and professionalism through our online academic programs. E-learning at Asbury is facilitated by the use of digital tools and content involving some form of interactivity through multiple delivery methods. This includes using new multimedia technologies and the Internet to improve the quality of learning by facilitating access to resources and services, as well as remote exchange and collaboration.

These programs are delivered online by distinguished faculty, and represent the core of Asbury University- commitment to academic excellence and spiritual vitality. For more than a century, Asbury College offered nationally recognized undergraduate and graduate programs. Now, Asbury University continues to provide that same acknowledged quality of educational preparation with programs delivered online.

Learning Platforms and Methods

The Asbury University Learning Platform includes state-of-the-art technology that enables all online students to personally engage with faculty and their cohorts. Students have the opportunity to study under distinguished faculty and are taught to focus on inquiry, analytical practices, diagnostics, and assessment in their field of study. Students also receive instruction from academic and field-based practitioners, preparing graduates to serve locally and abroad in a transformative nature.

Distinguishing Features of E-learning at Asbury University

Geographically Independent

Geographically independent programs do not require students to relocate. Some programs may require periodic residential experiences.

Rigorous, High-Quality

Rigorous, high-quality programs are developed and delivered online by distinguished Asbury University faculty.

Integration of Faith and Learning

Integration of Faith and Learning through content delivery, personal applications, and interactions and reflections with faculty and classmates.

Media-Rich and Interactive

Fusion of media-rich, interactive asynchronous teaching and learning activities with synchronous real-time, virtual collaborations to create a balanced and supportive learning environment.

Strong Commitment

Strong commitment to community, relationships, and the WHOLE person through high-touch, virtual interactions and personal engagement with faculty and classmates.