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Asbury March

The Asbury College March

The #1 question from our alumni family as the name change to Asbury University was announced was “but what about the march”?  The answer is that some historical markers of Asbury College won’t change, and the march may be one of those.  However, President Sandra Gray (2007-19) had the opportunity to speak with the granddaughter of the composer at a recent Asbury gathering.  Her suggestion was that we simply sing the word “University” quickly and fit it in.  Someone else has suggested the wording “Asbury U….. You are the school we love, cheering your banner, the purple and the white….Hoorah!”

Use the player below to listen to the March, or download the Asbury March audio file. You can also download the Asbury March sheet music PDF.

Written by Irene McCague Ihde (professor of music, 1916)

Just within the village Wilmore, on a hill so fair,
Stands a school seen far distant with its purposes rare.

East and West and North and South are students far and near:
Those from lands across the sea, they all are gathered here.

All the nations share the blessings of the students there;
For each one has been the subject of some teacher’s prayer.


Asbury University! It is the school we love,
Cheering its banner, the purple and the white,
For Asbury University, which leads us to heights above,
We, her sons and daughters, when we part,
To her purpose we’ll be true.

Updated March 2010. First perfomed at Reunion 2010 on June 26 under the direction of Merlin Johnson ’58.

Listen below to the Men’s Glee Club Reunion (2002) rendition — conducted by President Paul Rader — of the “Asbury March.”