Asbury Academy

Academy Class List
(Online and On Campus):
Spring 2015 Class list
Important Academy Dates
Fall Semester of 2014

Application Deadline - August 11
Class Registration Begins - April 15
Orientation for On Campus Students – August 11, 1-3 pm
Classes begin - August 18

Spring Semester of 2015

Application Deadline - January 7
Class Registration Begins - September 23
Orientation for new On Campus Students - January 9
Classes begin - January 12

Asbury Academy is a dual enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors. This program provides opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to take general education requirements at the University level (100- and 200-level courses), enabling them to complete their senior year of high school and earn University credit through dual enrollment.

On Campus

Enrollment in the Academy allows high school seniors to take four (4) credit hours on campus during the fall and spring semesters (summer session not included) with no tuition charge. Seniors may also take additional classes (up to 15 credit hours) during each of these two semesters at a reduced tuition rate of $446 per credit hour (half our traditional tuition rate). Juniors can also take classes on campus; the tuition fee is $446 per credit hour. The free class is reserved for high school seniors only. On campus Academy students can choose to register from over 80 classes.

For a complete list of online and on campus classes for Spring 2015: Click here.


Asbury Academy also offers courses online. These classes are offered in an intensive format – each course is only 8 weeks long, requiring a high level of academic discipline and motivation on the part of the student.  Due to the concentrated nature of these classes, a student may only be enrolled in one course at a time. Asbury's semesters are 16 weeks; a student interested in taking more than one online course may do so with consecutive classes. 

Online courses cost $129 per credit hour (an 80% discount off the regular tuition rate.)

For a complete list of online and on campus classes for Spring 2015: Click here.

Asbury Academy Admission Requirements:

The following items are required for admission to the Asbury Academy. Applications and other required information should be submitted to the Asbury University Admissions Office.

1. A completed Asbury Academy application

Please Note: Students who complete the application process early are more likely to enroll in the class of their choice. If you wait to apply until the deadline, your course options will be very limited.  Aim to apply by the date listed above that class registration begins for the semester you want to start studying at Asbury.

2. An official high school transcript showing a weighted cumulative grade point average of 3.00 or higher for high school seniors and a 3.25 or higher for high school juniors.

3. Official examination scores from the ACT or SAT are required for admittance to certain classes:

  • ENG 100 Introduction to Composition - ACT English 17 / SAT Critical Reading 340
  • ENG 110 Exposition and Research - ACT English 22 / SAT Critical Reading 510
  • ENG 151 Advanced Exposition and Research - ACT English 27 / SAT Critical Reading 660
  • MAT 120 Concepts of Mathematics and Technology - ACT Math 22 / SAT Math 510
  • MAT 131 Finite Mathematics for Business - ACT Math 22 /  SAT 510
  • MAT 152 Discrete Mathematics - ACT Math 22 / SAT 510

4. Recommendation from a high school counselor or from an adult who can address your readiness for college level academics.

5. Permission from a parent to enroll in the program.

Academy Contact Information

For questions regarding the Academy application process, please contact Kim Okesson at or (859) 858-3511, ext. 2506.