Johnson Hall Student Staff 2015-2016

Johnson Hall Staff 2015-2016

Pictured front to back, left to right:

Nick Manchester
Resident Assistant (RA) of 2nd Main (Firehouse)

Clark Kendall
Resident Director (RD) of Johnson Hall

Bryce Shockley
RA of 3rd Main (Zoo)

Graham Duncan
RA of 4th East (4th Easy)

Bryan Garrett
RA of 2nd West (Brotherhood)

Jonathan Waterman
RA of 3rd East (The Family)

Timmy Bradshaw
RA of 2nd East (Wolfpack)

Todd Jefferson
Assistant Resident Director (ARD) of Johnson Hall

Kyle Sieberts
RA of 1st West (The Nest)

Andrew Moran
RA of 3rd West (Dog Hall)