Frequently Asked Questions

What are some important deadlines of which I should be aware?

February 1 - FAFSA should be completed (KY residents should file as soon as possible after January 1 for maximum state aid consideration - if your taxes are not yet done, you may use previous year's returns and/or current W2s)

September 1 - Stafford and/or Perkins entrance counseling and Master Promissory Notes (MPN) should be completed

October 1 - Last day to turn in verification documents to avoid losing financial aid

My family's financial circumstances have changed and I need more money. What do I do?

Speak with a financial aid counselor about Professional Judgment or visit our website to download the form at Asbury University uses every resource and opportunity to assist students financially. Though the financial aid offer cannot be "negotiated," special situations (such as death of a parent, loss of a job, severe illness, natural disaster, etc.) can be taken into consideration.

If financial need develops after the financial aid application deadline, may I be considered for financial aid even though I have not applied on time?

Yes. A student may apply for financial aid at any time during the school year by filing the FAFSA ( Asbury University funds will be awarded based on availability.

Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?

Yes. Any student wishing to receive federal, state, and/or need-based Asbury aid must file the FAFSA each academic year. It is available each year after January 1.

I already filed my FAFSA for next school year, but I'm getting married this summer. Can I refile after I get married?

It is possible for your FAFSA to be updated, but it is at the discretion of the Financial Aid Office. Please stop by the office to speak with a Financial Aid representative. Documentation may be required for determination to be made on whether or not your FAFSA may be revised.

My Federal Direct Loan has "disappeared" from my bill. What happened?

You may have failed to complete a Master Promissory Note and/or Entrance Counseling. Please visit our "Loans" page (found under "Types of Aid") for more information and direct links to the appropriate webpages.

How do I apply for the Federal Perkins Loan?

Asbury University awards Perkins Loans based upon financial need as determined by the FAFSA. This loan is awarded primarily to Pell Grant eligible students.

How many semesters can I receive financial aid?

You may receive financial aid for a maximum of 6 years, or 150% of the normal time frame it takes to complete your degree program.

Am I eligible to file as an independent student without my parents' information?

According to the federal government, a student is considered independent if he/she is at least one of the following:

  • 24 years old
  • A veteran or active-duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • An orphan or ward of the court since turing age 13 (must supply legal documentation to the Financial Aid Office)
  • A foster child since turning age 13 (must supply legal documentation to the Financial Aid Office)
  • An emancipated minor (must supply legal documentation to the Financial Aid Office)
  • In legal guardianship (must supply legal documentation to the Financial Aid OFfice)
  • Homeless or at risk of being homeless
  • A student with legal dependents (other than a spouse) for whom the student provides more than 50% financial support annually
  • A married student
  • A graduate student

If a student does not meet at least one of these criterion, he or she must be considered a dependent student, even if the student is not living with his or her parents.

How do outside scholarships affect my aid?

Outside scholarships will be counted as resources as required by federal regulations, but will not affect the amount of institutional aid you are eligible to receive.

What happens if I live off-campus?

Student must receive permission from the Assistant Vice President of Business Affairs to live off campus. Financial Aid will still be determined based upon number of hours enrolled regardless of where the student resides.

If I drop to part-time, how will that affect my aid?

If eligible, students may receive federal loan and grant aid, and some types of Kentucky state aid when enrolled for less than full-time hours. Institutional funds are not available unless a student is enrolled full-time, except in the case of a last-semester senior, in which case aid is prorated to the hours enrolled. Pell Grant is the only aid available for less than half-time enrollment.

What do I need to know about working on campus?

Employment opportunities are available for all students. Students are responsible for finding their own jobs. Please visit the Student Employment (SE) Office for information regarding availability of jobs on campus. The SE Office is located on the second floor of the Hager Administration Building.

What kind of athletic scholarships does the University offer?

Asbury University offers various athletic scholarships. For detailed information, please contact the Athletic Director.

How do I apply for Asbury University's endowed and non-endowed scholarships?

Eligibility for these need-based scholarships is determined by the FAFSA, which must be completed each year.