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Unit Testimonials & Service Placements

“I’m in the process of writing a Homeland Security grant and I’m wondering what you will have available for Mounted Unit Horses in April of 2019. The four that we purchased from Asbury the past couple of years (Gatsby, Hank, Hondo and Hugo) are ‘Rock Stars.’”

Lt. Scott Swem
Corrections Division, Kent County (Mich.) Sheriff’s Office

“I want to thank you for entertaining our time at Asbury. I can only speak highly of Holly and I can see why she will be missed at graduation. The other three students’ dedication to their training is also worth mentioning. Their eagerness to engage us and learn can not be dismissed. We can see that the colts have a strong foundation for sensory. Again, I thank you and your students for a wonderful opportunity to visit your school and program.”

Sergeant Joe Svacina
Mounted Patrol Unit, Omaha (Neb.) Police Department

“The major difference that I see between the Equine Program at Asbury University and other schools is the emphasis on a spiritual foundation. They do an outstanding job of teaching horsemanship as they effectively share the Gospel.”

Pat Day
Kentucky Derby Winner, Hall of Fame Jockey

policeman and student with a horse

“In an industry riddled with compromise, Asbury University’s Equine Program is emerging as a lighthouse for future generations of horse enthusiasts. Asbury is helping raise the bar for horse performance and professional, ethical practices industry-wide. The systematic and progressive, yet fun, way to train both horse and handler establishes a foundation that will serve them both well the rest of their lives. The indisputable results are evident in the competent, happy and highly accomplished human/equine partnerships. Asbury Equine is a light worth following.”

Dr. Lewis Sterrett
Renowned Clinician, Founder/Director, Sermon on the Mount Ministries

“We had a situation of a noted trainer from our area who had an almost fatal accident and was predicted to never ride again due to the severity of her injuries. She asked to try Desi, a retired Service Mount horse from Asbury University, as her first horse to get back in the saddle. Desi was fabulous and helped her build the confidence to go forward. She has recovered and is grateful to Desi for helping give her the start and build confidence to regain her life.”

Sue Truitt
speaking on former “D Colt” Service Mount horse, Desi

“The colts here at Asbury University are phenomenal to work on. They are the best standing, the best behaved colts I have worked on this year.”

Thad Gouge
Lexington, Ky. area farrier, also works on multi-million dollar thoroughbred horses

“We have trained with the guys from the City of Bethlehem (Pa.) Mounted Police and thought the horses they purchased from you were the only horses that were on par with our own as far as being near ‘bomb proof.’”

Officer Christopher Finch
Mounted Unit, Rockland County (N.Y.) Sheriff’s Office

Plaque with lists of horses' names and placements

Service Placements

Bojangles and her trainer
Bojangles — trained by student Mary-Courtney Gaddini ’18 — was chosen as a lead escort by the world-renowned Culver Academies Black Horse Troop in the inauguration parade for the President of the United States.

Some of the more than 20 units in the United States and Canada that have utilized Asbury University trained service mounts…

  • Cobb Co. Mounted Unit – Georgia
  • Kent county sheriff Department – Michigan
  • Omaha Police Department – Nebraska
  • Manatee County Police Department – Florida
  • Las Vegas Mounted Unit – Nevada
  • Atlanta Police Department – Georgia
  • Louisville Police Department – Kentucky
  • Bethlehem Police Department – Pennsylvania
  • Culver Military Academy – Indiana
  • New Orleans Mounted Unit – Louisiana
  • Vancouver Police Mounted Unit – Canada
  • Richmond Police Department – Virginia 
  • Lexington Police Department – Kentucky
  • West Chester Police Department – Ohio
  • San Francisco Police Department – California
  • Halifax Regional Police – Canada
  • United States Border Patrol
  • Sweetwater Police Department – Florida
  • Polk County Sheriff Department – North Carolina