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Chapel Probation & Restoration

Chapel Probation 

Chapel probation precludes student participation in athletic and other intercollegiate competition as well as student leadership (including but not limited to Class Cabinet, ASC/Student Government, or any Student Life student leadership roles).  Participation in AU-sponsored public programs (on or off campus) that are not a clear academic course requirement are also not permitted (including but not limited to study abroad, theatre productions, musical performances, student shows and Tumbling Team). Eligibility for certain scholarships also may be affected. Any student who earns a grade of “N” (not passing) for two semesters will most likely be suspended from the University for one semester.

Chapel Probation Restoration

Students who complete 28-31 of their 32 FLEX credits (or the adjusted equivalent) are placed on Chapel probation but qualify for restoration through community service.  Students are notified by email and written mail within 14 days after the last day of classes regarding their probationary status and opportunity for restoration. 

Students may be on Chapel probation only one semester during their Asbury University enrollment. A second semester of Chapel probation will most likely move a student to Chapel suspension. Therefore, it is in the best interest of students who qualify for restoration through community service to take advantage of this opportunity.

Students who are eligible for Chapel probation restoration may complete one hour of community service for each FLEX credit needed to complete their requirement.  Students are responsible for finding a community service opportunity to complete their community service hours. 

Community service must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be unpaid, volunteer work for a community service organization or ministry.
  • Work completed for a practicum or internship that is also for academic credit does not qualify.
  • Work may not be completed for family members unless they hold an official title within the organization. 

All qualifying community service work completed must be recorded on the Community Service Log and verified by the work supervisor. The student must email a scan or picture of the Community Service Log to by the deadline on the form to have their Chapel Attendance grade changed to “P” (passing) and to be removed from Chapel probation.

Questions or concerns should be directed to