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Residential Program Dates

Monday, June 8 – Friday, June 19, 2020


The camp is $500 for students accepted into the 2020 program.**

Application Process for Youth Becoming Leaders

Students are asked to complete a threefold application process to be considered for acceptance into the program:

  1. Complete the application
  2. Identify a mentor from your home church/community that will commit to journeying through a mentor relationship for the next year. Have this potential mentor fill out the Youth Becoming Leaders Mentor and Reference Form and submit by March 15, 2020. Acceptance to the YBL program will be granted as early as February 15.
  3. Applicants will be asked to memorize a Scripture passage – Luke 10:25-37 – that connects with the theme of Youth Becoming Leaders. (You will be asked to submit a video of yourself reciting the verses.)

Turn in all application materials (online application, mentor & reference form, and video of Scripture memorization) by Friday, March 15, 2020.

After Acceptance

If students are then accepted into the Youth Becoming Leaders program they will need to:

  1. Complete a short personality inventory which will be used in placing participants into small groups and assisting in leadership development. (A link to this inventory will be sent to the email address you enter below upon submission of the application information.) Deadline April 15, 2020.
  2. Complete a short online pre-event assessment. (This assessment will be emailed to the participant in late spring. It will be important for the participants to be aware of and respond to all email communication from Asbury University about the Youth Becoming Leaders program.) Deadline April 15, 2020.
  3. Submit payment of $500 to Asbury University. Deadline April 15, 2020.
  4. Read a short book that will be referenced during the institute. (Upon acceptance into the program Asbury University will send this book to the participant’s mailing address listed below.) Deadline to have the book read, June 7, 2020.

Check In

Check in begins at 1:00pm in the Miller Communication Arts Building on Monday, June 8. After your child checks in, you will be directed toward your child’s housing in order to obtain a key and move in. We invite you to attend the welcome session with your child from 2:30 PM-3:30 PM in the basement of Miller. After this session, you can say your goodbyes.

Check Out

Check-out is at 5:00 PM on Friday, June 19. At 2:00 PM, you are invited to attend a student showcase presentation followed by a sending service. Your child may check out after this service. (Anticipate staying a few minutes after for some sad goodbyes between new best friends, and a photo or two.) We will be sending more information about location once camp begins.


The intent of the camp is a two week residency that kick starts the continued support, encouragement, and resourcing of each student by our YBL staff. We have therefore planned three months of required follow-up material (including project reports, evaluations, etc.) into our post-camp programming. If your student completes all of the follow-up requirements during the three months after YBL, they will be eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship each year towards attending Asbury University. That’s a total of $4,000 over four years!

College Credit

Asbury University is happy to offer academic credit to students who attend YBL and complete the post-conference material. Upon enrolling at Asbury University, students will be able to file with the registrar’s office to receive three academic elective credits to be applied towards total degree completion. This is the equivalent of one semester-long course.

Parent Testimonials

“The impact of YBL has been noticeable with her because my daughter is more focused on God and what His plan for her would be. My daughter is also more intentional about devotions and meeting with her mentor helps! She made great friends while at YBL and she even decided to make her roommate from YBL her roomie at Asbury when they attend next fall!! They now are besties!! She is so excited about the project she is doing at school. I think it has given her purpose and hope that she can bring the girls at school together. Thanks for all you did to make it such a great experience!!”

— Sarah
Pittsburgh, Pa.

“YBL was my son’s first experience on a college campus and the first time that he saw the results of a collaborative, supportive fellowship of Christian students. He has always had a hard time connecting with the students in the church youth group due to his quiet introverted nature but his connection with the YBL teams was impactful and showed him something new about his walk with Christ that has stuck with him. We have family devotionals and prayer time each night and since returning from YBL, my son has offered great insight into our devotionals with lessons that he has learned from YBL classes. Just last week he taught both his father and I about the historical facts surrounding David and Saul’s story.”

— Shawna
Austin, Texas


*Students who do not meet the GPA requirement but who demonstrate strong leadership abilities and whose reference is able to speak to their fitness for the academic rigor of the program will still be considered.

**Youth Becoming Leaders requires acceptance through an application process (application coming soon) that includes; a minimum GPA of 3.3, demonstration of leadership in the local community, reference letters, and memorizing scripture. The true cost of Youth Becoming Leaders is around $4000/student. The low cost of $500 is enabled because Youth Becoming Leaders is funded through generous gifts and grants from Carson-Myer Foundation, Lilly Endowment, Asbury Theological Seminary, Asbury University, and individual donors. You can donate here to help support this program.

***This initiative will also include a post-residential program curriculum that includes elements to be completed with their mentor. Mentors will be brought in for the final 24 hours of the residential program for training and to refine a ministry project to be completed by the student in the months following. There will be no cost to the mentor for this trip.