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YBL Information for Parents

Residential Program Dates: June 3-12, 2024

Sliding Scale Fees

This information is meant to support you as you discern how your family can best balance the financial cost of participating in Youth Becoming Leaders with the needs of your family. We understand that costs are rising, but we continue to witness how God is transforming young people’s lives and communities through YBL, and we believe YBL is worth the investment in your student.   


The approximate cost of YBL per student is $4,000. This figure is derived strictly from the operating costs of the residential program itself, including dorm space, food, transportation, books, faculty, and summer staff.  

We offer the following suggestions to support you as you discern how your family can best balance the financial cost of participating in YBL with the needs of your family. These are merely guideposts. Your family can choose any amount that falls between these categories, and we offer payment plan options for any category. We encourage you to reach out to your local church about scholarship opportunities, and we have fundraising ideas listed here to assist you in asking for prayer and financial support from family and friends. We know that there are some families for whom $999 would be a burden on your household. If that is the case for your family, please let us know because we never want money to be a barrier to a student’s participation in YBL.  


The standard registration rate for YBL is $999. Please see the information and resources described in the guideposts above. 

 AT COST RATE $4,000 

Consider paying this amount if doing so would not create a hardship for your household. You might choose this rate if you are able to meet your basic needs regularly and have some expendable income, can travel every couple of years without burden, and may have some debt but are able to pay it regularly. 

 IN BETWEEN RATE $1000-$3,999 

Consider choosing any amount between the standard rate and the at-cost rate if your family is able to cover not only your student’s standard rate, but also funding to contribute to the actual cost of YBL. 


We regularly have conversations with students who are concerned about their ability to participate in YBL due to the financial resources of their family. If you have the financial means and ability to support YBL participants beyond your student, consider choosing any amount over $4000 to cover the actual cost for one young person to attend the YBL Institute, contribute to YBL’s ongoing overhead for the program such as administration and yearlong personnel (which are not included in the at cost rate), and most importantly, provide funding to support scholarships for more YBL participants. 

Pay Now


June 3-12, 2024

See the Schedule page for a sample weekly schedule.

Check-In June 3, 2024

Check-in begins at 1 p.m. on Monday, June 3. We will be sending more information about the location on campus in the spring of 2024. After your child checks in, your child will be able to move into the dorms. We invite you to attend the welcome session with your child from 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. After this session, you can say your goodbyes.

Check-Out June 12, 2024

Check-out is at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12. At 2 p.m. you are invited to attend a student showcase presentation followed by a sending service. Your child may check out after this service. (Anticipate staying a few minutes after for some sad goodbyes between new best friends, and a photo or two.) We will be sending more information about the location once the camp begins.

Asbury University
Scholarship and College Credit

If your student has not begun their senior year and completes all of the follow-up requirements during the three months post-YBL, they will be eligible to receive a $1,000 scholarship each year towards attending Asbury University. That’s a total of $4,000 over four years!

Asbury University is happy to offer academic credit to students who attend YBL and complete the post-conference material. After enrolling at Asbury University, students will receive three academic elective credits to be applied towards total degree completion.

YBL Participant Permission Forms

  • YBL Parent Permission Form. This permission form is required for you to participate in the YBL program.
  • Challenge Course Permission Form. A trip to the Asbury University Challenge Course is a major team-building and leadership activity included in the program and the permission form is required for you to participate in the Challenge Course.

Parent Testimonials

“The impact of YBL has been noticeable with my daughter because she is more focused on God and what His plan for her would be. My daughter is also more intentional about devotions and meeting with her mentor helps! She made great friends while at YBL and she even decided to make her roommate from YBL her roomie at Asbury when they attend next fall!! They now are besties!! She is so excited about the project she is doing at school. I think it has given her purpose and hope that she can bring the girls at school together. Thanks for all you did to make it such a great experience!!”

Pittsburgh, Pa.

“YBL was my son’s first experience on a college campus and the first time that he saw the results of a collaborative, supportive fellowship of Christian students. He has always had a hard time connecting with the students in the church youth group due to his quiet introverted nature but his connection with the YBL teams was impactful and showed him something new about his walk with Christ that has stuck with him. We have family devotionals and prayer time each night and since returning from YBL, my son has offered great insight into our devotionals with lessons that he has learned from YBL classes. Just last week he taught both his father and me about the historical facts surrounding David and Saul’s story.”

Austin, Texas