Archways 2024 Schedule – Asbury University
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Archways 2024 Schedule

We are so excited for you to begin your Asbury experience with Archways- a program that has provided opportunities for numerous students to experience God’s creation, connect with peers, learn new skills, and grow in confidence for the past 25 years!

Saturday, August 17, 2024

8 a.m. – NoonArchways Registration

There will be signs pointing towards Archways registration across campus pointing to our Student Center (#33 on the campus map). Look for those signs and they will lead you there. Please continue checking your email, and we will continue sending you information and updates. When you enter the student center, there will be Archways Staff to check you in for the trip, give you access to your dorm, and answer any and all questions! At this point please be prepared to pay the remainder of the trip fee in cash or check if you have not already. (Checks made payable to Asbury University.) If you need to borrow any gear let the Archways staff know. This gear will be handed out after our parent meeting at 1 p.m.! You will be able to pick up your dorm room key at this time—grab a staff member if you need help carrying any of your belongings! After you have checked in and moved your things into your room, the next thing you need to worry about is the 1 p.m. meeting back in the Student Center, so enjoy your time with your parents/siblings and any other relatives that have come to see you off! There are a limited number of food options in Wilmore, but they’re all pretty good! Please ask our staff for directions and suggestions! (The first meal we will provide for participants is Saturday dinner.)

1 p.m.Meet in Student Center
Meet back in the Student Center with all the items from the packing list and be ready to hit the trail! There will be no time to go back to your dorm after the meeting, so make sure you bring everything for the next few days with you! You will be able to get any gear that you need to borrow from the program after this meeting and there will be time to transfer your things over, so don’t be too stressed! At this time we will have a quick meeting where you will be formally introduced to the Archways staff, and at this time a brief overview of the program schedule will be given. If your parents or you have any lingering questions, there will be a time to answer them at the end of this meeting!
1:45 p.m.Break
We will have a small break so you will be able to say goodbye to your parents/guardians/siblings/relatives/friends/pets.
2 p.m.Parents depart
At this time your parents are asked politely to be on their way. Group gear will be distributed (borrowed gear as well) and the Archways Staff will help you pack and fit your packs.
3 – 11 p.m.Team-building Exercises
We will do a few team-building exercises around campus and then drive out to the Daniel Boone National Forest!

Sunday – Wednesday, August 18-21, 2024

We do not provide a detailed itinerary of the actual trip. There are a few reasons for this omission. There will be a few different teams who will be doing various activities at different times. It is also our belief that there is value in not knowing the full plan and simply living one day at a time while we wait upon God’s providential direction. However, here is a general list of some of the activities in which students may* participate:

  • Backpacking with a 20-30 lb. pack
  • Rappelling off of a cliff, rock climbing
  • Car Camping
  • Hammock Camping
  • Solitude reflection times in forests, at overlooks, and beside streams
  • Devotionals and discussions focusing upon the transition to college
  • Preparing meals by camp stove or fire pit
  • Sleeping under tent, tarp, or open sky in remote and primitive camp-sites

The Archways staff will be teaching necessary skills and promoting a safe atmosphere for participants to master the challenges of this trip. Participants will be free to choose challenges they feel comfortable with, and many activities can be adapted to fit the abilities of everyone. The Archways staff will encourage participants to “stretch outside their comfort zone” but will not force them to do things they do not want to do. This is our 25th year of the program and past participants still rave about the adventure, the deep friendships gained, and the ways God prompted them to fully trust in Him.

We plan to have teams of about 6-9 participants each. Each team will have multiple instructors to oversee the group and build relationships with the team. The instructors include upper-classmen with experience in leading wilderness trips. The Assistant Director of the Kentucky Outdoor Institute, Kiki Yee will oversee the program throughout the week. Staff members are trained in leading outdoor activities, and each team has trained wilderness medical personnel.

Thursday, August 22, 2024

We will return on Thursday morning to campus for welcome week activities. The schedule will follow what you have received from Welcome Weekend communications from here on out.