Military and Veterans

Asbury University Cares for Military Students/Veterans

The faculty, employees, and students of Asbury University express profound gratitude to all military members and veterans for their commitments to preserve our freedoms. We know and understand that those “freedoms are not free” due to the many sacrifices military members provide daily in the service of our great country. We are committed to serving military members, veterans and their families in the pursuit of their professional and personal goals.

Asbury University understands the processes required to reintegrate into the “post” military career path. We are committed to assisting you in meeting your educational goals and reaching your personal potential. Asbury University provides engaging courses of study with flexible classes and delivery options, such as fully online courses. You will have the opportunity to take your education as far as you want in the freedom of your own home. The university is forward-looking and highly responsive to your personal needs.

Ordering your steps to success:

  • Opportunities to learn with classmates of similar backgrounds
  • Responsive to your individual and specific needs
  • Dedicated to assisting you in the pursuit of your goals
  • Educational experiences to assist you in your career field
  • Retooling students for new civilian life opportunities
  • Service to others through a Christ-centered life

Not sure how to receive your benefits? Learn more about benefits for military and veterans by downloading our Military/Veterans Benefits Chart.

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