Are you the Image of God or a Cosmic Accident?

AU Hosts Weikart for Final Human Dignity Lecture

SEARCH supports AU Honors Program in hosting professor of history, Richard Weikart Ph.D., of California State University, Stanislaus for final Human Dignity lecture of the academic year

Weikart shares on the erosion of the Judeo-Christian sanctity-of-life ethic

AU welcomed Emeritus Professor of History, Richard Weikart, Ph.D., from California State University, Stanislaus, to Wilmore on March 31 for the final lecture of the Honors Program Human Dignity Series, co-hosted by SEARCH. The lecture took place in the Kinlaw Library Boardroom at 7 p.m. 

Weikart’s presentation examined the ways that many prominent Western thinkers in the past three centuries have contributed to the erosion of the Judeo-Christian sanctity-of-life ethic. He argued that the claim that humans are the product of mindless, random, purposeless processes and thus have no intrinsic value, has opened the door to widespread acceptance of abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, and transhumanism, especially among the educated elites.  

Weikart followed lectures by Dr. Chris Bounds of Indiana Wesleyan University on imago dei and Dr. Calum MacKellar of St. Mary’s University, London on the eugenics movement.  

These lectures were interwoven with the theme of the AU Honors Program curriculum: Studies in Virtue and Human Value. Honors students were engaged in and out of the classroom in a conversation of the value of human life. Other students on campus were encouraged to join in throughout the semester.  

The theme of the Honors Program was identified by many AU honors students as their reason for deciding on AU’s program over other programs. SEARCH was honored to showcase the mission of the Honors Program by supporting engaging experiences outside of the classroom that connect with existing coursework, and by extending the reach of the lectures to the entire campus.  

The Honors Program is preparing an impressive line-up of invited lecturers for the upcoming academic year. 

Human Dignity Series