Student jumping in front of Olympic logo

Students obtain great media experience working on the broadcast crew of the Olympics.

Student reporter with microphone standing with snowcapped mountains in the background

This student was reporting from the Sochi Olympics for NBC affiliate WLEX-TV 18.

Since 1984, around 600 Asbury University students have worked in paid media positions around the world at the Olympic Games. Additional students have worked in non-paid media positions. Asbury University media and journalism students have worked in Rio, Sochi, London, Vancouver, Beijing, Torino, Athens, Salt Lake, Sydney, Atlanta, Calgary, and Atlanta. They have worked in a variety of media positions including video editors, reporters, camera operators, public relations, audio, and loggers for a variety of broadcasters including NBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), local television stations, radio networks, radio stations, newspapers, magazines, online sites and others. Students must apply and be accepted by professors as well as the media outlet in order to work for the Olympics.