Communication Arts Department

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Asbury University recognizes that communication competence is vital to success in every field and strongly encourage the development and understanding of a Christian philosophy of communication. The objective of the Communication Arts Department is to prepare students to communicate truthfully and effectively in this age of diversity.

The ability to clearly present information to others is more than a desirable skill, it is also a responsibility. Communication Arts is a multi-dimensional department with majors and minors in Communications, Journalism & Digital Storytelling, Media Communication, Theatre & Cinema Performance, and Worship Arts.


The Communications major has concentrations in:

  • Leadership
  • Public Relations
  • International Communication
  • Social Media

The Journalism & Digital Storytelling major.

The Media Communication major has concentrations in:

  • Media Performance
  • Production (television, radio or mix)
  • Entertainment Management
  • Film
  • Multimedia
  • Audio Production
  • MA in Communications: Digital Storytelling

The Theatre & Cinema Performance major has concentrations in:

  • Acting
  • Musical Theatre

The Worship Arts major has concentrations in:

  • Music
  • Drama
  • Visual Arts