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Center for Professional Selling Student Skills

Students in the Center for Professional Selling have the opportunity to develop sales skills in three important ways:

  • Sales Classes
  • Role Play Competitions
  • Interaction with Corporate Sponsors

Sales Classes

MKT343: Fundamentals of Professional Selling

Everyone sells—whether it’s a product, a service, an idea, or themselves. This course is designed to equip you with the fundamental principles and concepts of personal selling. Selling has evolved through the years and we will examine the unique challenges and opportunities today’s salespeople face. In addition to discussing the key concepts and techniques of selling, we will spend significant time practicing these techniques through role plays. Interaction with professionals in the field will enhance our study.

MKT345: Advanced Professional Selling

Focused on large account business-to-business (B2B) sales, this course builds upon skills learned in Fundamentals of Professional Selling (MKT343) and introduces higher level techniques used in more complex sales situations. Topics include selling at the C-level, negotiations, large account management, and team selling. Role plays with both classmates and guest “customers” will reinforce learning, as will interaction with professionals in the field engaged in large account sales.

MKT344: Sales Management

This course focuses on the development and management of sales force strategy, both at the field management and executive levels. Topics include sales force design, optimal use of sales force technology, recruiting, training, compensation, evaluation and sales force motivation. Learning is reinforced through in-class activities and interaction with professionals in the field.

MKT346 Sales Productivity Tools (under development)

Today’s sales professionals can enhance their productivity through technologies focused on finding prospects, communicating with them in a systematic manner and tracking interactions with prospects and clients. In this class, students will learn about the key categories of a typical “sales stack” of software tools and will learn how to use several popular tools that they might use in a future B2B sales position.

Role Play Competitions

All students taking MKT343 participate in the Eagle Sales Championship, Asbury’s internal competition with corporate sponsors and other business people serving as customers and judges.

Some students will be chosen for the Asbury Sales Team, our team that competes in national invitational competitions. Sponsored by major corporations, these events give students the opportunity to hone their sales skills, competing against teams across the U.S. Career fairs provide the opportunity to network with representatives of sponsoring companies and to interview for internships and post-graduation sales positions.

Interaction with Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors generously support sales education at Asbury through their time and financial support. Opportunities to interact with representatives from these major corporations include:

  • Eagle Sales Championship – judges and customers
  • Guest speaking in classes
  • Career Fair at Eagle Sales Championship