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Asbury University Center for Professional Selling

Developing the Next Generation of Sales Professionals

USCA University Sales Center Alliance: Advancing the Sales Profession Through Teaching, Research and Outreach

  • Sales Classes Taught by Experienced Sales Professionals
  • Role Play Practice in State of the Art Facilities
  • Opportunities to Interact with Corporate Sponsors
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Participation in National Competitions

Asbury University’s Center for Professional Selling is dedicated to the development of selling skills for students pursuing a career in professional selling as well as those preparing for careers in business and other professions.  Believing that sales is a basic enabling skill that can increase the effectiveness of future professionals in any type of career, we seek to develop professional who are solutions-oriented, empathetic listeners, and clear and persuasive communicators.

The Center is housed in the Walt & Rowena Shaw Collaborative Learning Center. Opened in 2022, this state of the art facility features six Sales Role Play rooms, each equipped with two high definition cameras for recording, playback and livestream of role play practices and competitions.  Each room is decorated like a different kind of office in which future sales professionals may find themselves selling: an executive office, a modern middle manager’s office, an office cubicle, a conference room, a living room, and a manufacturing office that includes a window overlooking the assembly line. Sales students control the recording of their role plays through a unique QR code assigned to them and roleplays are archived for future review by professors or competition judges.


George Allen, D.B.A.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Program Director
Director, Asbury University Center for Professional Selling
(859) 858-3511, x2190

Robin Lim, M.Div.
Director of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships
Assistant Professor of Business