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Finance Major

Why study Finance at Asbury University?

Now more than ever, corporations, individuals, state & local governments and small businesses, need educated finance professionals to prepare and execute a sound business financial plan to ensure the businesses short and long terms success. A finance degree prepares future professionals to develop financial strategies to grow their business while addressing uncertainty and risk with sound financial strategies. Finance majors complete a balance of theoretical and practical courses in a myriad of areas including business development, economics, corporate and international finance, organizational management, marketing, risk management, accounting, investments and statistics. If you choose to complete a finance degree, know that it’s not simply a field of number crunching. You must also have problem-solving skills, an understanding of how the domestic and global markets function and the ability to think outside the box to best allocate and manage capital on behalf of your client or employer.

What is a Finance Major Like?

Finance is an exciting major with unlimited career options. Finance touches all aspects of business and society. Contrary to popular belief, a Finance Major at Asbury requires both analytical and creativity skills. Above all, it will help you develop multiple skill sets at once, offering you a great chance of success in several industries after graduation. The coursework is both quantitative and qualitative to ensure students leaving the program can have long term successful careers in Finance.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding if a finance major is right for you:

  • Do I enjoy and have capability in both math and statistics?
  • Am I interested in Financial Markets, Stocks and the Idea of Managing a Financial Plan?
  • Am I a creative problem-solver who can overcome challenges by coming up with innovative solutions?
  • Am I interested in figuring out how to help companies increase their revenue?
  • Am I a good communicator who can express my ideas clearly and effectively?

If you responded “Yes” to all of the above, then being a finance major might just be for you.

Areas of Study

After successful completion of the Dayton School Business Core, Finance Majors will have the option to customize their Finance Degree through options to study financial concepts in these critical areas:

  • Accounting
  • International Financial Markets & Monetary Economics
  • Investment & Investment Banking
  • Corporate Finance
  • Strategic Financial Modeling
  • International Business Ventures
  • Operations Management
  • Private Equity, Real Estate & Venture Capital in Global Markets

A Finance Major from Asbury University will graduate with a broad financial skill set that will equip them to make an immediate impact in the business world.

Opportunities Outside of Class

Finance majors have the option of doing an internship during the Fall, Spring or Summer that provides an opportunity to apply what you are leaning in class in a real-world situation. The Asbury Marketplace Summit is an annual event jointly sponsored by the Dayton School of Business and Asbury Theological Seminary. This event provides a forum for the promotion of social entrepreneurship, particularly, through the Student Business Competition in which students compete for cash prizes. In addition, stock and other financial simulations are available to students to further develop both their analytical and critical thinking capabilities.

What Jobs Does a Finance Degree from Asbury Prepare Me For?

A Finance Degree from Asbury University will equip students to secure employment in a wide-array of business and financial sectors, including:

  • Financial Management
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Treasury
  • Investor Relations
  • Investment Banking
  • Investment Analysis
  • Investment Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Commercial Banking
  • Venture Capital / Private Equity
  • Consulting
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management

Finance Major Sheet (PDF)