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Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Asbury University’s Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Business Administration degree program trains students to tackle a breadth of opportunities in the career marketplace with confidence, backed by real-world experiences and exceptional faculty instruction.

Imparting the practical knowledge and interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage any size organization, our bachelor’s degree in business administration opens career paths in a variety of for-profit and not-for-profit industries and equips students to apply for graduate programs in pursuit of more advanced roles.

Business administration majors at Asbury are challenged to develop their talents in an environment that will enhance and enrich their personal and professional lives through a Christian perspective, informed by the latest business administration practices and strategies.

B.A. in Business Administration Degree Requirements

In Asbury’s business administration degree program, you’ll take business core courses and develop your personal and professional skills through interdisciplinary general education studies and a hands-on capstone project in management strategy.

With a total of at least 124 credit hours, degree requirements for the B.A. in Business Administration include:

  • 36 credits in core Dayton School of Business courses
  • 12 credits in courses teaching business administration principles
  • 9 credits in advanced business courses of your choice
  • 47 credits in Foundations general education courses
  • Choice of electives to fulfill total credit requirements

Rooted in a liberal arts foundation, the business administration major builds a structure of understanding that spans small to multinational organizations, from logistics to people management and examines the individual, team and organizational levels.

Review complete degree requirements for the B.A. in Business Administration and learn more about Foundations, Asbury’s general education curriculum.

Business Administration Major Curriculum

The B.A. in Business Administration degree curriculum is interactive and comprehensive, incorporating core major courses and hands-on strategic projects.

As a business administration major, you’ll take courses such as:

  • Organizational Behavior and Structure
  • Human Resource Management
  • Small Business Management
  • International Business Ventures
  • Business Law
  • Strategic Management Capstone

See detailed course descriptions in the Asbury course catalog.

Business Administration Degree Outcomes

Graduates of Asbury’s bachelor’s degree in business administration go beyond simply attaining knowledge to skillfully implement practical applications of academic content. They’re qualified for entry-level managerial and administrative positions and are prepared for career advancement across a variety of industries, backed by the ability to execute decisions, implement effective management strategies and communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

In the B.A. in Business Administration program, you’ll learn:

  • How to engage in both domestic and international strategies
  • Management of human resource capital
  • How to develop and scale both small and large organizations
  • Management practices that serve the company, employees and the community

This extremely versatile degree program enables graduates for a wealth of career paths, including:

  • Corporate Executive
  • Small Business Management
  • Medical and Health Services Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Production Management
  • Training & Development

Why Study Business Administration at Asbury University?

Gain Career-Building Experience

Business administration majors have unrivaled opportunities to make the most of their education through involvement in internship capacities and events both on and off campus. You can connect with faculty and industry professionals, develop your professional pitching and sales skills and demonstrate your business acumen.

From the Asbury Marketplace Summit and student competitions to events like the International Collegiate Sales Competition, Asbury University gives students pursuing business administration careers the hands-on experience that helps them stand out to future employers.

Small Class Sizes Facilitate Collaboration

The typical class size of core business administration courses ranges from 12 to 25 students, fostering creative, productive discussions with peers and opportunities to develop personal relationships with dedicated faculty.

Asbury Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

All Asbury students expand hands-on experience crossing boundaries in their field through immersive engagement courses and study abroad opportunities.

Business administration study abroad programs include the Australia Studies Centre, but Asbury students have various ways to serve communities through their work locally and across the country and globe.

Learn more about Asbury’s Cross-Cultural Engagement courses and off-campus programs.

Dayton School of Business Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to Asbury’s robust financial aid programs, business management majors are able to be considered for an exclusive scholarship provided by the Dayton School of Business. The Dayton Business Scholarship awards $10,000 to one to two exceptional business students per year who have been accepted to Asbury and who complete the scholarship application.

Get a Head Start On Your MBA

Asbury University offers Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees in management, non-profit management and sport management, as well as courses in leadership, accounting, analytics, innovation and financial management. This means undergraduate business administration majors have a great opportunity to stay at Asbury for their advanced business degrees.

Through the +Grad MBA Program, Asbury business students can follow an accelerated master’s degree track and take courses as an undergraduate, allowing them to finish an MBA only one year after graduating with a bachelor’s.

Review detailed information about the Asbury +Grad MBA program.

Business Administration Admissions and Financial Aid

If you want to learn more about applying to the bachelor’s degree in business administration, review Asbury admissions details and learn how to apply as a first-year student.

Many Asbury students receive scholarships or some form of financial aid. Visit Asbury Financial Aid to see the various ways to manage the cost of your degree.

Apply to the B.A. in Business Administration at Asbury University

Asbury University’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration provides in-depth training in marketing, human relations, finance and other management skills to prepare students for responsible leadership in any profession or industry and for graduate business degrees.

Ready to get started? Contact Admissions to get your questions answered or begin your application today.