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Accounting Major


The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Accounting degree at Dayton School of Business prepares undergraduate students for careers in accounting, as well as for graduate studies and accounting certifications such as the Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Majoring in accounting opens career opportunities matching a variety of callings, from working in public accounting firms and private business to nonprofit and service organizations like charities and churches. Pursuing an accounting degree at Asbury University builds the skills necessary to help others meet financial goals while challenging students to consider their talents and future career through a Biblical lens.

The Dayton School of Business’s undergraduate accounting degree program was created with the desire to equip our students with technical skills and knowledge in all areas of accounting as well as the sound, analytical mind needed to collaborate with others and impact the kingdom through their future work endeavors.

B.A. in Accounting Degree Requirements

Students in the accounting major take courses in fundamental and advanced accounting, business practices and the deeper intricacies of business law, taxes and different forms of accounting. To complete the 124 credits required in the Bachelor of Arts in Accounting degree, you’ll also take some general education courses in humanities and social sciences as well as elective courses. Asbury University’s well-rounded, liberal arts approach to higher education, rooted in spiritual vitality, ensures you can think critically and communicate your new technical skills effectively to multiple audiences.

The degree requirements for the four-year B.A. in Accounting degree include:

  • 55 credits in major course requirements (36 business core, 19 accounting core)
  • 47 credits in Foundations general education courses
  • 20 elective credits

The undergraduate accounting major courses are designed to impart professional skills that enable you to make profitable business decisions or give accounting advice in a variety of settings, whether you are moved to work in nonprofits, public or private financial and business organizations.

Accounting Major Curriculum

Core accounting major curriculum includes business and accounting courses like:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Analytics I and II
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Finance
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Principles of Federal Income Tax
  • God, Faith and Marketplace
  • Intermediate and Cost Accounting
  • Business Law

In tandem with the ethics, philosophy and societal engagement-focused Foundations courses, the B.A. in Accounting curriculum empowers students to take control of their vocation to make a difference in the lives of others or seek to solve the world’s most enduring problems.

Learn more about Foundations, Asbury University’s interdisciplinary liberal arts curriculum. Review more information about the B.A. in Accounting major requirements and explore the Accounting major course catalog for course descriptions.

Accounting Major Degree Outcomes

Graduates of the B.A. in Accounting are capable of preparing and analyzing financial documents including tax documents, qualifying them for entry-level and managerial positions in accounting or auditing in all types of organizations. 

In the accounting degree program, you’ll learn:

  • Financial computations and how to prepare federal tax returns
  • Strategies for evaluating financial statements for risk, fraud and opportunities for profit
  • How to efficiently manage and maintain financial information and records
  • How to effectively convey smart financial recommendations to stakeholders
  • The fundamentals of business law, finance and marketing
  • Principles of macro and microeconomics
  • Business analytics, or how to translate data into actionable insights

Along with courses focused on technical auditing and accounting skills, you’ll take others that impart an ethical, philosophical and spiritual approach to the profession. The option to take a targeted Accounting in Nonprofits course empowers students to answer their calling to help others and make a difference through their work.

Pathway to the CPA Examination

Students interested in the accounting degree should be aware that in many states, the Society of Certified Public Accountants requires 150 credit hours to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam. With the B.A. in Accounting comprising 124 credit hours, we recommend that students complete the undergraduate accounting major at Asbury and attain the additional hours in the Asbury +1 MBA program (often for no additional cost).

Asbury University Study Abroad and Off-Campus Programs

Asbury University and Dayton School of Business honor the fact that we are an increasingly global world and believe that students benefit from a holistic educational experience that integrates faith, experience and learning through unique exploratory projects. From study abroad semesters in Paris or China to international internships, Cross-Cultural Engagement immersion programs and even exploring mission and service in your own backyard, each student can satisfy their desire to push boundaries through projects focused on achieving a deeper understanding of our responsibilities as global citizens.

Learn more about community service and mission opportunities, Asbury’s robust study abroad programs and the Cross-Cultural Engagement program.

Dayton School of Business Related Degree Programs

Dayton School of Business and the incredibly talented Dayton School faculty desire to create a business school that’s good for the world, cultivating integrity and skill in students who become lifelong learners and advocates. Meet the business administration faculty and lecturers

From traditional undergraduate accounting, finance or business majors to online MBA programs, Dayton School of Business offers programs that satisfy the needs of a variety of students. Students pursuing other Dayton School of Business majors can add a minor in accounting to their degree. Review all of our undergraduate business majors and online undergraduate business program options.

Graduate Business Administration Degrees

After graduating with a B.A. in Accounting, further graduate-level courses and master’s degree programs can open career opportunities in managerial roles or focus your skills with a master in business administration in a preferred specialization.

Dayton School of Business offers four online MBA programs: MBA in Nonprofit Management, MBA in Management and MBA with courses in Sport Management. These online business administration degree programs are designed to be manageable for students who are working full-time. Learn more about Asbury’s graduate business administration programs.

MBA +1 Accelerated Degree Program

If you’re interested in pursuing CPA certification with your bachelor’s degree in accounting or further graduate studies in Nonprofit Management or Business Administration, you might be a candidate for Asbury’s +1 MBA accelerated degree program. The +1 MBA program gives students majoring in accounting the opportunity to complete up to 25% of graduate degree credit requirements while an undergraduate student. 

Review Asbury MBA +1 program details to learn how to graduate with an M.B.A in just one more year and save on graduate degree tuition.

Accounting Major Scholarship Opportunities

The Dayton Business Scholarship is available to students seeking the B.A. in Accounting and other Dayton School of Business majors. Every year, the Dayton Business Scholarship awards a $10,000 scholarship to 1-2 qualified students seeking spiritually fulfilling careers in business and finance.

Review Dayton Business Scholarship details for requirements and how to apply to significantly reduce tuition for a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting Admissions and Financial Aid

Those interested in the Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting should review Asbury’s undergraduate admissions requirements and learn how to apply. Along with scholarship opportunities unique to Dayton School of Business students, Asbury University offers several options, both need-based and academic, for aid to lower out-of-pocket costs.

Review Asbury University tuition information and the financial aid options available to students pursuing a major in accounting.

Apply to the B.A. in Accounting Degree Program at Asbury University

Strengthened by depth of experience and advanced technical skills, graduates of Asbury University’s Bachelor of Arts in Accounting degree can begin their careers as accountants or auditors or apply for graduate programs.

For more information about the Accounting major, contact the Dayton School of Business, schedule a visit or contact admissions. If you’re ready to apply, begin your application.