Howard Dayton School of Business

Most business schools desire to be the best in the world. Our goal is to be the best for the world. A simple change of the word “in” to “for” expresses our radical view that we have a greater purpose in the marketplace and that our graduates are pursuing careers of significance over success.

We expect our students to graduate with a deep faith and excellent work skills that are integrated and holistic. Our curriculum is based on the over 3,000 verses in scripture that inform us about God’s view of wealth and how to handle our business and finances. To that end our courses are focused on a “triple bottom line” – profit, people, and purpose. Business has both the power to corrupt the rich and to bless the poor. It takes men and women of integrity who are completely surrendered to God’s purpose to bring out the best for the world.

The Howard Dayton School of Business offers several doors to enter:

  • For non-business students we offer survey courses in economics and personal finance that will prepare you to make informed life choices about money and possessions after graduation.
  • Our minor in business is designed to complement studies in other academic areas such as media communications and equine management.
  • Business majors are encouraged to build areas of interest on top of a solid foundation in business fundamentals that will “personalize” their resume.  For example, working for an international non-profit organization, starting a new business, becoming a career coach or financial planner.  Professional degrees in accounting and economics are also open to students as majors or minors.
  • The Sports Management area is for students interested in the business of sports.  This multi-billion dollar, global industry offers exciting career opportunities in sports analytics, team and network management, and professional agency representation.
  • Through business mentor and internship programs we connect students to the world of business – creating opportunities for jobs and careers. Our seminar programs equip students with practical skills like selling, employee supervision, running an effective meeting, and project management - even golf etiquette.  We regularly compete in business case competitions and business entrepreneurship competitions.

The School of Business was announced in January, 2014 and dedicated as the Howard Dayton School of Business in March, 2014. The new school is led by Dr. Michael Kane who joined Asbury as Dean and Professor of Business in October. Come find out more about us.