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The Kinlaw Library in Wilmore was completed in 2001 and contains over 150,000 items in several collections of material. The Library is comprised of three floors, with most of the Library collections on the Main and Top floors. Computer classrooms are on the Lower floor. There are network connections at all of the study tables, carrels, and study rooms.  Study space makes up the largest portion of the total 72,000 square feet in this building, including 18 study carrels, 10 group study rooms, 6 individual study rooms, 40 study tables, and more than 30 individual comfortable chairs provide over 250 places for everyone to choose from.   We have added 6 individual high tech study pods on the main floor.  There is now more casual seating space in the middle of the main floor.

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Kinlaw Library is committed to support academic excellence and to develop lifelong learning through the provision of quality information resources and Christ-centered individual services. (rev. May 2009)

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