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Why Study Abroad? Why Paris?

Studies have shown and it is our hope that this international educaiton experience will help your student grow in myraid of ways – including personal development, academics, intercultural competencies, career development, as well as spiritually.

“From personally vetted internships in nearly any field, to directed studies and other face-to-face and online courses through Asbury, students are given many opportunities to pursue their major and career interest in a new and culturally rich environment. It can be a huge stepping-stone and I know it has been for me in my career.” -Jonathan Grant, AU alum

Asbury University’s Paris Semester provides:

  • An international experience in a major cosmopolitan center
  • A full semester of liberal arts credit
  • An internship complimentary to one’s field (such as business, visual art, music, equine studies, media, ministry, etc.)
  • A dormintory setting with other Asbury students (offering the security and benefits of a dorm setting back home) or the opportunity to stay with a Christian family to experience the everyday life of Parisians with supervision and mentorship
  • Supervision by Asbury faculty and staff
  • Faith mentorship, regular group Bible studies, and opportunities to attend and get involved with a local church
  • Same cost as tuition, room and abroad on Asbury’s Wilmore campus

Prior knowledge of French language is NOT required, though the option of French langauge instruciton is available for an extra fee. Courses will regularly incorporate site visits. Paris houses the largest art collections in the world, for example, so regular trips to the Louvre, Pompidou Center and other important cultural centers will be a regular part of the eduational experience in the Paris Semester.

Students will benefit from the unique opportunity of living abroad in a program designed to support Asbury University’s mission of equipping men and women for lives of learning, leadership and service.