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Asbury University successfully launched its Paris Semester program in the fall of 2014. Asbury’s Paris Semester provides a full, 13-18 credit hour semester of a liberal arts education, focusing on modern and contemporary history and culture, with emphasis on global contributions stemming from France.

The program’s dormitory and classroom space in the St.-Germain district places students in the heart of Paris for 12 weeks (September through November; no long-stay Visa required) under the supervision of Asbury faculty and English-speaking resident assistants. Students also have the option of a homestay environment with a French host.

Applicants do not need to come to Paris with prior French language fluency but are required to either to take French language courses for university credit while in Paris or participate in an internship placing them in context in the city.

The program will be especially attractive to students of modern history; the visual arts; communications and media; international communication and business; French and Francophone culture; and French language. All students, regardless of major, benefit from competencies acquired by the challenges of living and working abroad in a major international cosmopolitan center while obtaining a semester of liberal arts credit.

Asbury’s Paris Semester Offers:

  • At the same cost of a regular semester on Asbury campus plus travel and personal spending.
  • Asbury faculty-led program with the guidance and mentorship by our own faculty
  • A dormitory setting with other Asbury students, offering the security and benefits similar to dorm living back on Asbury’s campus.
  • An internship in one’s field along with internship credit
  • A full semester of liberal arts credit
  • An international experience in a major cosmopolitan center in heart of Europe.

Note: Prior French language is NOT required to spend a semester with Asbury University in Paris, though the option of French language instruction is available at extra cost.

Courses will regularly incorporate site visits. Paris houses the largest art collections in the world, for example, so regular trips to the Louvre, Pompidou Center and other important cultural centers will be a regular part of the educational experience in the Paris Semester.

Students will benefit from the unique opportunity of living abroad in a program designed to support Asbury University’s mission of equipping men and women for lives of learning, leadership and service.

For the added cost of what most students spend for a 1-2 week abroad for missions, travel courses, or vacations ($3000) students accepted into Asbury’s Paris Semester spend an entire semester over-seas.

This program is open to both Asbury traditional under-graduate students as well as qualifying students from any other accredited college or university in the U.S. Students must but a full-time student with a minimum GPA of 2.75 and have completed at least two semesters of academic work.