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Faith and spiritual formation are an integral part of Asbury’s China Study Abroad program. The program is designed to foster spiritual growth; encouraging students to intentionally cultivate a vision for leveraging this integration in a way that will truly impact the world.

But China being China means exercising uncommon wisdom and discernment. Despite this guarded framework, opportunities abound to cultivate close relationships with Chinese leadership and likeminded brothers and sisters. We will visit universities and places of public worship. Since Christianity is one of five Government-sanctioned religions in China, visiting international churches is permitted. However, do not be surprised to see many security cameras monitoring your worship experience. Buddhism, Confucian, and Islamist influences will also be seen, not to mention the nonreligious elements expected in an atheistic state.

As your knowledge deepens, your cultural awareness is broadened, and your discipline is stretched, you’ll find that your faith will be so edifyingly challenged. The program’s faculty and staff leadership has nearly 50 years of combined service and experience in China, and they take special care to walk students through daily spiritual life. This includes leading daily devotions, and finding opportunities for students to engage with others from different backgrounds, different walks, and different beliefs. Discipleship is built into the framework of the semester; implementing faith and worship into the curriculum. Many participants of the program report it to have been a life-changing experience; both in strengthening their faith and expanding the horizon of their worldview. An even stronger testimony, however, is the number of students who have returned to work in China after graduating from university.