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Travel Courses

A travel course is an Asbury faculty-led, credit-bearing, experiential learning opportunity in an international setting. Travel courses most often occur over spring break or within the first 2-4 weeks of summer break and include pertinent course work before and after the travel experience. These classes can be approved to fulfill your CCE experience and could cover foundations and/or major classes. 3-6 Travel Course options are offered each summer. The list of confirmed travel courses in an academic year is released by the Global Initiatives and Programs office in September of that year.

Travel Courses 2024

Next year’s travel courses are in development. Below find the information we have so far for Spring Break and Summer 2024.

Border Experience

Take a political science class and travel to the US/Mexico Border.

Education in Hungary

Shadow and teach at a new preschool in Budapest.

Foundations in Italy

Fulfill up to 2 required courses in theology and literature in northern Italy.

Communications in London

Take acting lessons at the Globe Theatre or study the history of communications.

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Business in Australia

Postponed to Summer 2025.

Holocaust Studies Tour: A Social Science Perspective

Explore the psychological context of the Holocaust in Germany and Poland. 

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CCE in Greece

Interview locals on current events in Athens and Delphi.

Intercultural Studies in Jordan

Support and study local organizations in their community development efforts.

Biogeography of the Galápagos Islands

Study the foundations of the field of biology while getting up close and personal with indigenous wildlife.

Other Travel Courses

These courses have occurred in the past and are likely to come up again on rotation during your time at Asbury. They will not be offered in 2024.

Business Internship in Jamaica

Work in local businesses in Kingston in marketing, production, manufacturing, or accounting.

Sacred Music Tour of Italy

Join the Asbury Chorale on a sacred music performance tour throughout northern Italy.

Film Production in London

Take workshops and visit live sets at the world renowned Pinewood Studios.

Previous Travel Courses also include:

  • COM 397 Communication Field Experience – Haiti
  • EDE 393 A Perspective on International Education – China
  • JRN 393 Olympic Journalism – England Olympics
  • JRN 393 Seminar: Journalism in Europe
  • JRN 475 Senior Seminar – Russia Olympics
  • MC 360 Underwater Cinematography – Mexico
  • MC 435 Olympic Internship – Brazil, England, Russia, Canada
  • MC 397 Seminar: Media Industry Travel – Brazil Olympics
  • NT 393 St. Paul & the Early Church – Turkey


(CCE approval is based on the specific content of the course.  Not all stateside courses are eligible for approval.)

  • DSG 680 Media Workshop: Los Angeles
  • COM 397 Communication Experience: San Francisco
  • SW 293 Urban Studies: Chicago
  • MC 397 Seminar in Media Industry Travel: New York City