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Faith Opportunities in Paris

There are so many opportunities to grow and expand in faith during Paris Semester. From local churches to service projects, to faculty- and student-led weekly devotional discussion, participants find Paris to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening and growth. 

Students can choose to attend a French-speaking or English-speaking church from a recommended list provided by semester staff. Some host bilingual services which allow students to practice their French comprehension and worship in both English and French. 

English-speaking churches include: 

French-speaking churches include: 

Join a small group to meet and fellowship with Parisian Christians and learn more about French culture in relation to Christianity. Or, join a service team to participate in ministry throughout the city. 

Students have the opportunity to take ICS 330, a Christianity and French Culture class taught by Dr. Steve Thrall, urban missionary in Paris for 30 years. In ICS 330 students visit different centers of faith within the city and discover the varied histories of French intersection with the Church.  

Students will live in environments with those who share their faith and with those who do not. This provides growth opportunities to strengthen understanding of one’s faith; learn about the faith of others; and explore opportunities for ministry.